The affordable, fully customizable firewall

Are you looking for a more security on the Internet side of your business? Do you need high-grade, encrypted access to your business assets from home or your laptop? Do you want to print documents in the office from home?

Catprint Computing is offering custom-built stateful firewalls with integrated, SSL/TLS encrypted, virtual private networking for only $2000.00 CDN!

  • We'll sit down with you to find out what your needs are.*
  • We use hardware fully warantied for one year or more with a service agreement.
  • We'll build, install and test your firewall.
  • We'll train you how to use your VPN client, which won't take long because it works with Windows, Mac and Linux!
  • We'll be around to make sure that everything just works and continues to work!
  • We offer both 1U rack mount configuration or standard mini-ATX configurations.

There is no hard drive so the only moving parts are the super quiet fans. There's almost no noise! Two Gigs of on-board memory so the firewall can process everything faster, more efficient and can deal with a tonne of connections. Three Gigabyte network cards give your firewall the capability to create a secure DMZ for your outside servers and a fully protected internal network.

Do you want to control the bandwidth you're employees are using? We'll optionally add an application level firewall to control torrents and other user applications that fill up your pipe and slow down your core business communications. We'll add a caching web proxy server so that you're downloading a lot less stuff when you surf the net!

Don't miss out on finally stepping up to rock solid security without the worry of not doing it right or having to read reams of books and HOW-TO's.

Base Price: $2000.00 CDN: Stateful Firewall, Virtual Private Network access and clients, 3 1000BaseT network connections, 2 Gig RAM, configured, installed, tested and training.

Optional: + $200.00: Additional caching web proxy server to speed up your Internet experience.

Optional: + $1000.00: Application level firewall with integrated Quality of Service traffic shaping to control how much bandwidth applications use.

*On site installation, service and training restricted to the Saskatchewan marketplace.