Catprint Computing

Is your computer just not doing what it did when it was new? Does it take forever to start up? Call us today and get a scan done on your system. We'll check that it's updated, it hasn't been hijacked by spy ware, trojans or viruses, and it is in great running order. We'll work with you to insure that the applications you have installed are the applications you need.

Tired of plugging into your computer network? Want to use your laptop in the kitchen? We can help you with wired and wireless connections anywhere in the house so that your computers work for you, not you for them.

Has your business gotten to the point where you need to think about sharing files around the office? Do you need a centralized printer that anyone can access? Congratulations! Now It's time to think about an IT infrastructure. Catprint Computing has extensive experience in designing, maintaining and running small and medium sized office computer infrastructure.

Do you want your branch offices to securely connect to the main office? Are you worried about your machines being unprotected on the Internet? A firewall is the first line of defense for your company and we can set them up safely and securely.

Give Catprint Computing a call at (306) 230-8783 or send an e-mail to and we'll be happy to help you with your needs.