Mcaffe Anti-Virus problems

If you're running an updated McAfee anti-virus and you're experiencing a complete slow-down of your computer, then this is for you. The problem seems to be triggered by surfing the Internet with Chrome, Internet Explorer or Edge.

McAfee Anti-Virus has a service that is installed that monitors the health of the McAfee install, it is called MCClientAnalytics. If you are having this problem and you look at the task manager (right click on the task bar) you'll notice that this service is using either a huge amount of memory or is using a huge amount of CPU. These are two different problems, but the solution is the same.

Go into Services, Windows-R, type in 'services.msc', hit enter.
Scroll through the services list to find MCClientAnalytics.
Right -click on it and bring up Properties.
Change the Startup Type to Disabled.
Reboot the machine.

The problem will go away.

You may want to follow this thread on the McAfee forums for the CPU problem or this thread for the memory problem.