Exercise your PC!

Is your PC lounging around? Not as active as it once was? Feels slow and lazy? How about we burn that clutter away and free your keyboard! We're offering a years worth of computer exercise to get and keep that machine in shape!

We'll do a complete system scan, update all your programs, optimize your PC and your Internet connection and backup your box. We'll bring that machine back into shape with a strict regimen.

And we'll do it four times a year.

A monthly subscription fee of $30 (or $300 all at once) gets you:

  • 1 years subscription to AVG Anti-Virus 2013
  • 1 years subscription to AVG PC Tuneup
  • Four visits a year (quarterly) to ensure that your machine stays in shape.
  • A complete system backup each visit so that your information is available in case of disaster.
  • Priority scheduling and reduced per hour charges for those times when your computer needs help.
  • Interested in burning off those pounds holding your PC down? Give this exercise program a shot.

    Give Catprint Computing a call and our personal (computer) trainers will bring that laggy machine back to the speedster it used to be.