About Us

Lance Levsen has been involved in telecommunications, systems development, programming and systems integration since 1985 using various systems including the early Commodore systems (CP/M, Vic-20, C64), the complete x86 architecture, Solaris, Mac OS 7-10, Mac OS 10.x, MS Windows and HP-Unix.
Lance took a brief stint from the IT industry to join the Navy.
Lance has worked with several local IT companies including the Printwest, Mister Print, Northern Lights Internet, and Point2 Technologies in various capacities including programmer, systems administrator, email coordinator, and systems architect.

Catprint Computing got it's name because Lance is an avid home brewer. One of the steps in all-grain brewing is to mash the grain with water to make a thick porridge. One of the cats was curious about what was going on inside the cooler. He jumped up and landed in the mash, he bolted right back out, but left a distinct cat print on the top of the mash. Catprint was named.