Brazilians are Smart

According to a GMI poll, Brazilians don't trust people with their data. That's wise.

Some 76 percent of the consumers polled by GMI on behalf of Fortinet have concerns over how companies are looking after their details in the event of a possible data leak.

Look at the Top 30 Targetted High-Risk Vulnerabilities as identified by US, CAN, UK, NZ and AUS cyber security organizations.

A healthy lack of faith in corporate security isn't enough. Two-stage identification vastly improves online security.

However, when it comes to what consumers are doing to protect their own information, some 81 percent mentioned they had adopted some form of improved security measure such as better passwords, but were not aware of other ways of boosting data security, such as two-factor authentication.

Two-stage identification is such that not only the user, but the machine is authenticated as well, and if a user connects via a previously unidentified computer the user is contacted (email, text message, what have you) for permission to allow that computer access to your accounts.

You should definitely set up 2-stage id for any online account that you use.

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